Bat’s Islands is the name that receives a rocky archipelago, protected as part of the Santa Rosa National Park, located in the west side of the Pacific Ocean. It offers a great variety of marine fauna and it is famous because of its bull sharks season that goes from May to September, every year.

Dive sites: El Gran Susto, Bajo Negro y Los Arcos. Rock formations of volcanic origin with corals.

Marine fauna: bull shark, manta rays, schools of fish, spotted eagle rays, horse mackerel, moray eels and sometimes, also whale sharks.´s

What is included in the tour
  • Season: from May to September
  • Visibility: between 30 and 60 feet.
  • Temperature: between 75 and 85°F
  • Descent: free.
  • Minimum required license: Advanced Open Water Diver PADI or equivalent (SSI, NAUI,FEDAS)
  • Duration: 7 hour approximately, operating only in the morning
  • Immersion profiles: multilevel diving.
  • Currents: from moderate to strong.
  • Maximum depth: 110 feet.
  • Distance: From Hermosa Beach 1 hour and 15 min. From Flamingo Marina 1 1/2 hour.
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