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Costa Rica is known worldwide for being a small country with a huge biodiversity. Although its territory is just 31 750 square miles big, if we add the maritime area, Costa Rica becomes a natural paradise 10 times bigger with more than 310 square miles of sea to enjoy.

That is why aquatic sports are an excellent option to explore our country and see the word from another perspective, knowing the seabed that offers us from the smallest and fascinating creatures, to the huge and amazing humpback whales.

Since 2007 our company works for offering to national and international tourists the best tools for learning how to dive with confidence, enjoying this way all the that sea can offer.

Along the way, we have certified hundreds of persons in diving, offering courses recognized by PADI (Professional Association for Diving Instructors) like Discover Scuba Diver, Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water Diver.

But our company is known for offering a personalized customer service and that is why we have expanded our services. This way, more clients can discover the wonders of the sea through the experiences we offer them.

Today BA Divers has options for all ages and preferences with the highest security. We offer from catamarans to enjoy a relaxing day with the family, to snorkeling tours and diving lessons for the most adventurous people. Our objective is giving unique and unforgettable experiences to our clients on the sea and under it.

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There are many beaches, islands, bays and peninsulas that you can visit in Costa Rica for enjoying the sun, the sea and its biodiversity. But there are some favorite places for tourists because of the experiences you can live there, achieving encounters with whales, sharks, dolphins, turtles and other fascinating species.

For example, in the Northern Pacific, Flamingo Beach and Hermosa Beach stand out; there you can find volcanic rock formations and corals. Amazing white tip sharks can be seen when you are enjoying diving in this area, as well as eels, lobsters, sea horses, eagle rays, stingrays, school of fish, octopuses and beautiful manta rays that appears between January and may every year.

On the other hand we have the Bat Islands (Murciélago Islands in Spanish); this is a rocky archipelago located in the Santa Rosa National Park. Besides its amazing sea life, this place is famous because of its bull shark season that goes from May to September.

Another luxury destination is Caño Island, a small island located in the Southern Pacific, 12 miles away from Drake Bay. This is a protected area that attracts visitors with its coral reefs and its sea life that includes: rays, dolphins, turtles, whales and a great diversity of fishes.

We can’t forget about Cocos Island, located 32 hours away from Playa Hermosa. This trip really worth it because divers will have the opportunity of admiring hummer shark schools with 40 specimens or even more. You can also enjoy the presence of manta rays, dolphins and hundreds of fishes in different species.

We also offer activities in places like Manuel Antonio, Puerto Viejo and Tortuga Island. Our mission is giving advice to our clients to help them choose the best destiny for them, according their needs and preferences; this way we guarantee their comfort and fun.

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