PADI Scuba Diver

Started on 24 abril, 2024

This course is ideal for persons that want to be certified divers but they don’t have so much time to do it. The Scuba Diver is the option to get the certificate in just 1 day, making 3 immersions in swimming pools and 2 immersions in the sea.

Unlike Open Water certification, persons certified as Scuba Divers only can dive under the supervision of an instructor in a maximum depth of 40 feet. They can also get air fills or rent and purchase scuba equipment, but always under instructors’ supervision.

Although this is a limited certification, it allows a wide experience in diving and it is a good start to continue with the Open Water course that certifies people to dive independently.

  • Boat
  • Original PADI Manual.
  • 3 chapters of visual training.
  • 3 manual chapters.
  • 3 Swimming pool with diving equipment.
  • Duration: 2 days.
  • Dives: 2 (Snacks included).
  • International Padi Scuba Diver License
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